The Different Types of Custom Apparel and T-Shirt Printing

Custom Embroidery is a form of contract or corporate embroidery that uses large-format printing, graphic design, or contract embroidery to create unique garments. These services are also available for personal use, such as creating designs on mugs, mouse pads, door mats, and other items. You can also order large format prints of photos or designs, and have them printed on promotional items like t-shirts. These services are often requested by companies who want to create a special promotional item.

Screen printing is the most popular method of apparel and t-shirt printing, but this method requires the use of stencils, which are made to fit a specific design. The stencils are made from a mesh, which allows the ink to pass through and create a design. If you plan on selling your shirts, screen printing is a great option. If not, you can still try direct to garment printing.

Screen printing is another method of apparel printing. This process involves putting a screen or other type of material over a frame. The original screen is made of silk but nowadays is made of polyester or other materials. Once the screen is ready, a negative copy of the design is printed onto the mesh. The screen is then placed against the t-shirt. This method is more expensive than screen printing, but it is also faster.

Direct to garment printing uses the latest technology to print a design directly on a garment. It allows for the highest resolution print quality and millions of color combinations. However, this method requires expensive equipment. T-shirt inkjet printers can range from a low-end DIY model to a $300 industrial machine. The cost of ink is usually about $6 per shirt. It is best suited for companies with limited startup funds.

Screen printing is the most common method of apparel and t-shirt printing. It is the least expensive option and is the quickest way to decorate a shirt. The best part about screen printing is that it allows you to create multiple colors at once. The process is more expensive, but the results are still worth it. You can use different techniques to customize your t-shirt. You can even use the screen printing to make your own t-shirt for an upcoming event.

Screen printing is an excellent method for large-scale apparel and t-shirt printing. This technique is best for high-volume orders, because it allows you to print on many types of surfaces, including textiles. If you want to have a custom design, screen-printed t-shirts are a great way to customize a clothing item. The quality of the print is the most important aspect of t-shirt printing. For more details visit Chicago custom screen printing company at

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