Custom Signage: An Effective and Cost-Efficient Method of Advertising

Signs are an effective and cost-efficient method of advertising. They provide brand awareness, promote products and services and offer directions to clients or visitors.

Custom Sign Company in Cincinnati offers a vast array of custom sign printing solutions including outdoor signs, indoor signs, vehicle graphics and trade show booths and displays. They worked on an interior signage project for Q2 Business Capital that highlighted their bold logo using a multi-layered approach.

Often large, bold and even illuminated, outdoor signs are an effective marketing tool that leave a high impact impression on customers and visitors. They can display important information like your location, services, hours of operation and more. They can also help to build brand recognition, create a sense of familiarity and trust, and attract new customers to your business.

Custom signage is also a great way to promote a specific campaign or message. It can be cost-effective, especially for small businesses who don’t need to advertise on mass media platforms. According to a study by the Economic Center at the University of Cincinnati, 76 percent of customers entered a store for the first time entirely because of its outdoor building signage. And 67 percent of those customers went on to make a purchase.

Whether your business is located in a mall, office building or shopping center, indoor signs can help you attract customers. They can highlight the products that are on sale and provide important information about your business. They can even serve as point-of-purchase signage that gives shoppers one last chance to buy more items before checking out.

These signs were custom fabricated for Sims Lohman and mounted for a clean look. They are made from Gatorfoam, a material that can be molded, printed and painted. The signs are mounted to the storefronts using what is called a raceway, which helps protect them from damage.

Different businesses require a variety of types of indoor signs. For example, a financial institution may need to promote its brand with digital displays and LED signs. Similarly, an event venue will need informational signs to post safety precautions and other relevant details. Cincinnati Sign Company can create custom indoor signs for all of your business needs.

When you were in high school or college, a common way to personalize your car and show off your personality was to plaster it with decals and bumper stickers. Maybe you had graduation tassels or favorite air scents hanging from your rearview mirror, all in an effort to convey a unique image of yourself.

One of the most productive forms of advertising in our industry, vehicle graphics are a way to gain your business massive exposure. From service vehicles to company fleets, our experts can design a vehicle graphic that will attract customers and initiate conversations.

We offer a full range of color and full coverage vehicle wraps that will provide 24/7 marketing exposure at a fraction of the cost of a billboard or bench sign. Window clings are also a popular option for branding your business. They can easily be moved around to keep up with your promotion schedule. We also offer custom decal packages that can be branded on any surface of your choice.

Just like a well-tailored suit or freshly manicured hand, a professional business card leaves a lasting impression. With premium paper stocks, finishes and printing options, our expert team will help you leave your competitors a little greener with business cards that speak volumes about your professionalism.

Give your clients a full season of impressions with these magnetic baseball schedules that include a designated spot for your business card. They’re an affordable way to build a connection with new audiences and keep your brand in front of current clients. Mail them to your audience, hand them out at your next open house or drop stacks at local gyms, barber shops, coffee shops and restaurants with lots of foot traffic.

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